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Welcome to the website of our Tax Consultancy.


"Plus-Minus" Tax Consultants and Accountants Jan Głaz and Partners Limited Partnership has evolved from a partnership that had been in operation since 1992 as one of the first tax and accounting consultancies in the Małopolska region.

We employ 15 people in our two offices in Stryszawa and Bielsko-Biała: tax advisors, economists, accountants and social security specialists. We also work with a Certified Public Accountant, a lawyer and a notary public.

The scope of our services encompasses comprehensive services for businesses and organizations: we offer primarily Accounting, Social Security and Human Resources services; we represent clients in any proceedings involving public administration; and tax consultancy.


We operate based on the following acts of law:

  • Tax Consultancy Act of July 5, 1996,

  • Registration in the National Court Register of Enterprises,

  • Tax ID Number NIP,

  • Business Classification Number REGON,

  • Civil Liability insurance of the Office and our tax consultants.


We believe that strict compliance with the code of ethics should underpin any public office professional, including tax consultants. We guarantee complete professional confidentiality, unencumbered by any time constraints.

We are guided by the best interests of our clients as well as our commitment to integrity, honor and best business practices.